Coaching course with Lee Saxby

Learn the Art and Science of Coaching


This course is an intensive introduction to the coaching wisdom of Lee Saxby and is designed to provide attendees with the necessary theory and practical skills required to assess and modify the biomechanical behaviour of runners.

Topics covered

  • Natural Laws of Movement
  • Species specific movement behaviour
  • SAID Principle
  • The BTR Coaching Model
  • Macros skills and micros skills
  • Running related pain
  • Running specific conditioning
  • Anatomically Intelligent Footwear

The material covered is the foundation of the BTR coaching system and it is recommended that you attend this course before attempting the online certification process to become a BTR coach.


The BTR educational material presented challenges many established ‘truths’ within the movement/fitness professions. Consequently, the learning experience may be uncomfortable for individuals who are emotionally attached to their current training and nutrition paradigms, who are seeking consensus or have a low tolerance for cognitive dissonance.

Benefits of a BTR CoacH Certification

  • a world class coaching methodology which has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, confirmed with these testimonials
  • attract new clients with a BTR Coach profile on
  • enhance your business with BTR coaching resources and tools
  • access to the BTR Coaches Community where Lee regularly shares his coaching wisdom
  • reviews of the latest science
  • support from your regional BTR Master Coach



3-4 December 2016; Running Technique Coaching Course – Italy


25-26 November 2016; Running Technique Coaching Course – Sweden


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