5 Reasons To Start Running Barefoot

Running with bare feet has surged in popularity over the last few years, with its biggest push coming from Christopher McDougall's best-selling book "Born To Run". Equally popular has been the movement back towards using more minimalist or barefoot-inspired shoes.  

To be clear, when we say "barefoot running" at Born to Run, we're referring to running in minimalist or barefoot-inspired shoes as well.  What's most important to us is that we're running with the same natural form as if we were barefoot, even if we're not completely unshod.  

Are you simply not sold on this whole barefoot-inspired movement yet?  If not, here's 5 reasons you should forget all the naysayers, commit yourself, and just give it a try:

Why You Should Give Barefoot Running a Try

1. Frankly, it's freeing, and after years of wearing thick shoes with fat heels, you will find it quite refreshing to run without those heavy weights on your feet.

2. No more incline! You wouldn't want to drive your car with the back wheels higher than the front would you? Nor would you want a shoe where the heel is higher up than your toes. This positions your foot correctly while running for a mid to forefoot strike.

3. Running barefoot encourages correct running form: Head and chest up, a forefoot strike, with a fast cadence. Running in this way can be difficult to do if you are still using traditional running shoes with high heels and a lot of unnecessary cushion.

4. You may be less likely to get injured. A Harvard study has shown that heel strikers are 2x more likely to get injured than runners who forefoot strike.

5. You will have more fun running than ever before! We have a simple equation here at Born to Run that goes like this: Right Form + Right Shoes = I Luv Running!

Getting started running barefoot can be challenging, but its rewards are well worth the effort.  Once you make the appropriate transition, you'll never want to go back to those old high-heeled running shoes.  We promise.

The Born to Run Team