Born to Run Running Club: Get Paid To Run!



Do you love to run? Do you love to get free money? Are you interested in learning how you could get paid to do something you love?! If so, read on...

"Learn, Run, and Earn" with Born to Run. We are happy to announce the first running club that pays you to run!

Here’s All You Need To Do

1. Join the Born To Run Running Club via We currently hold runs on Tuesday nights at 6 PM (Seattle), Wednesday nights at 6 PM (Bellevue), and Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM (Various Eastside Trails)

2. Choose a "meetup" that works with your schedule, and then show up to run one of the following distances with us:

- Beginner/Transition 1-2 Miles
- Intermediate 3-5 Miles
- Advanced 5-8 Miles

3. Run the course you chose (the Born to Run team can help you decide your best course), and we’ll keep track of your distance.

4. For every mile you run, you’ll earn 50 cents towards any purchase in our Born to Run stores. That’s right, you receive 50 cents towards anything in our stores.

For example: If you run 8 miles with us on April 11th, you’ll earn $4.00 of Born to Run cash. As you continue to run with us, you’ll keep racking up the  Born to Run cash and you can run your way to a free pair of shoes (or free anything else). You'll be saving a bunch of money on new shoes and running gear. Any FiveFingers, New Balance, Vivobarefoot, and more could be yours for FREE!  This offer is subject to change, so take advantage of it while it lasts folks!

Questions and Answers

Q: Are you guys freakin’ serious? You’re going to give me 50 cents a mile?
A: Yes, we’re as serious as shin splints.

Q: So are there any limitations to what I can purchase? Where’s the fine print?
A: No fine print and no limitations. You can save up as much as you want and purchase as much as you want.

Q: Ok, I’ll be there Saturday. I'll really be able to earn up to $4.00 in bornToRUN gear?
A: Not just $4.00. Come to our running group every week -- every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday -- and run to rack up more cash!

Q: One problem though, I’m not a very good runner (yet).
A: No problem. You can start with a small distance and we’ll have our experienced team present to lead the group and teach proper running technique. You’ll learn, run, and earn at the same time!

Demos and Free Swag

Also, as a bonus to members of our running group, you'll have the opportunity to demo our latest shoes (and even some unreleased shoes). Representatives from FiveFingers, New Balance, Vivobarefoot -- and our other top of the line companies -- will often be available for you to ask questions. If you want to get into the science of the shoes, these are the guys. They’re not afraid to get technical.

Free giveaways and surprises will be available for members of our running groups too!

If you’d like to get paid to run, learn correct running technique, meet industry insiders, and get free swag, then join us via or just show up.

See you there!

-The Born to Run Running Club