Proper Foot Function

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Chapter 1: Health Benefits of Proper Foot Function

The foot is more closely interconnected with the health of the entire body than we previously thought.  When the foot is used properly the whole body benefits.  Barefoot Motion takes a holistic look at the foot and how it effects every other bodily system. 
  • upright posture
  • lower back relief
  • stronger calf muscles
  • flexible achilles tendon
  • more range of motion
  • healthy arches

Of the many benefits, stronger feet directly result in:
  • Increased tolerance of impacts & work loads
  • Increased threshold of standing & working fatigue
  • Built in immunity to foot disorders

Barefoot motion

The foot has evolved to be an incredibly advanced system.  When in its natural state (without shoes) the foot moves in the most efficient and healthy way.  It rolls, stretches, expands, and grasps the ground.  The foot is so self-sufficient that it only works properly without shoes.  Therefore, nothing worn on the foot can improve the foot's functions but only hinder them.  For example the foot has its own built in system for absorbing shock: see the picture of the Foot's Natural Suspension System to the right.

Unshoe fit:
  • NO arch support: foot's arch needs to flatten on impact to dissipate shock.
  • NO heel cushioning: heel needs to be flat & level in order to stretch achilles tendon.
  • NO stability or motion control: foot uses pronation, rolling inward, to deflect shock.
  • NO cramped toe box: toes splay apart upon contact softening the landing.

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