Running Clinics

1 Hour Running Clinic - $75

Get 60 minutes of barefoot/minimalist footwear coaching and training from the experts at our Seattle store.
This 60-minute course in an excellent introduction to learning good running form. You will learn all the basics, plus how to avoid the pitfalls.  Remember, first form, then footwear!
Do you have a few friends that might be interested too?  Perfect—Bring a friend, or two! It's the same price.
Email Mary at to make an appointment today!

1 Hour Running Clinic + 30 Minute Follow-Up - $100

Get the same great 60 minute course with an additional 30 minute follow-up session at a later date.

1 Hour Running Clinic + Two 30 Minute Follow-Ups - $120

The same great 60 minute course with two additional 30 minute follow-up sessions at a later date.

CrossFit Box Running Clinic - $450

A two hour running clinic at your Crossfit Box. We will also bring a variety of shoes, including Reebok CrossFit and Inov-8, for your gym members to purchase.