Running Man Theory of Evolution

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Chapter 2: Running Man Theory of Evolution

Six million years ago our ancestors began walking on two feet. In that six million years the foot evolved from the flat-footed knuckle walking like that of a chimpanzee, to what it is today, an arched foot perfect for upright, high speed running. Scientists now know the missing link for what enabled humans to survive through periods that many other species went extinct, it's called Persistence Hunting. And the human body perfected the equipment for such high endurance running:
  • An efficient perspiration system
  • A respiratory system separate from movement muscles
  • Upright posture
  • **An achilles tendon**
  • **An arched foot**
**Modern apes lack an Achilles tendon and also a key structure in the foot called the sustenaculum tali. Without these structures critical for running and arch suppor the ape can only run a few meters upright before resuming a quadruped gait.

2 amazing NPR pieces from July the videos and listen

Persistence Hunt on YouTube
After an eight hour chase the prey "collapses from shear exhaustion" giving into the ever persistent human runner.

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