The Shoe Paradox

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Chapter 4: The Shoe Paradox

The conventional belief is that for a shoe to be healthy it must be cushioned and supportive. However, the reality is just the opposite. Cushioning and support are damaging to the foot and even harmful on the body, because they alter your motion from what's natural. This concept is tough to understand, seeing that we've believed just the opposite for decades. Prior to now we haven't looked at the foot for what it is: a living, adapting, and sensing complex system. The following are some of the flaws and faults of conventional shoes:

  • Cushioning blocks feeling of the ground causing loss of nerve sensation.
  • Support immobilizes the foot causing muscle atrophy.
  • Support leads to a dependency like "drugs for your feet."
Even slightly elevated heels throw posture out of alignment.

Effects of Heel Life in Pictures - figures Credit Dr. Rossi

unnatural shoe technology

unnatural shoe technology

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