for Lee and his BTR Coaching Method


“I have been working with the oldest tribe in the world, the bushmen, for 5 years in the Northern Kalahari, and one day Lee Saxby came running into our remote part of Namibia. I got to know a man who has dedicated his life to connecting people with their running roots. After many years of working with the bushmen, I had been fascinated by the bushmen as persistence hunters, but personally I had never liked running. I felt it was a heavy activity, without enjoyment, and like most women I would only run when I did not feel like I was in good shape. So I never knew that there was such thing as running to feel free and powerful, until Lee unlocked the door to Barefoot running. He established a connection between my current body and an ancient muscle memory, and suddenly I knew with conviction that we are all born to run.. Now I feel free and connected when I run! Thank you LEE”


“Of the many coaches I’ve met, Lee stands out as exceptional. He really understands good running form not only on a scientific level but also from a practical standpoint. I’ve never seen anyone better able to diagnose and correct a runner’s form, and he has that ability —special to good coaches— to translate his advice into words that make sense and which you can follow.”

Galahad Clark, Barefoot Cobbler – VIVOBAREFOOT

“I’ve known Lee Saxby since 2011 and am honoured to call him one of my dearest friends. We have travelled all over the world together and met the leading scientists, professors, surgeons, coaches and general movement gurus the world has to offer.   With Lee, I have defined my mission in life, to make the perfect shoe.

By way of a testimonial, the clearest I can be is to say that I have no second of doubt that if I had to go to court to defend what healthy natural movement is and my life depended on it, Lee would be leading the defence. Case closed. If you want to understand how the body moves, follow him.”


Ben McNutt, Woodsmoke – Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

“As a wilderness skills instructor and expedition leader I have had the privilege to spend extended periods of time with a number of indigenous cultures, learning their traditional skills and observing their movement patterns. Everything is efficient; every movement is precise and economical.

The Penan people in the interior of Borneo, have incredible foot strength that allows them to move fluidly through the most arduous of environments, from climbing trees to wading fast rivers. The Ju/’hoansi San’s running style is the most fluid form of running I have seen, an agile forefoot strike that creates an energy efficient gait that they can maintain all day.

Efficient running is a skill that our sedentary modern lifestyle and footwear is eroding, very few people still hold the knowledge of skillful running – Lee Saxby is one of these custodians. Book on a course with Lee Saxby to learn how to fulfill your evolutionary potential to run freely, skillfully and without pain.”


Mick Wilkinson PhD, Senior Lecturer – Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

“I have a degree, Masters degree and PhD in sport science and I’ve learnt more about running, human movement and health in THREE DAYS than all those years of studying put together. Scientists are missing the big picture and viewing study findings completely out of context. I WAS one of them, but not any more!”


“The first time I met Lee Saxby, my running changed forever. It was like meeting a revolutionary figure, someone who turned my thoughts about running upside down. Within weeks I was racing along, faster and easier, and feeling like a real runner, rather than a jogger. In the subsequent years I’ve spent researching and practicing running, in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia and Japan, I keep coming back to Lee, and everything he teaches is in unison with my other findings.”


Chris McDougall, Author of Born to Run & Natural Born Heroes

“About three years ago, I was in the midst of researching my book, Born to Run, when I developed a nagging heel pain. This was puzzling: I thought I’d learned ideal running form from Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians and would never be injured again – and yet I was. So I made the usual round of visits to podiatrists and sports medicine physicians, and got the usual useless advice. They said I needed orthotics and Ibuprofen and a night splint. I should stretch my calves, and roll my foot on a golf ball, and take time off. They all warned me about the dangers of distance running, but none of them – not one – ever asked to see me run.
Lee Saxby did.
Unlike every other specialist I’d seen, he didn’t regard running as a danger; he regarded it as a skill. He took me through a series of drills, then brought me outside to tape me again. The difference was astonishing. In less than 30 minutes, he’d totally transformed my gait. not only was my running form better, so was my heel: the pain which had lingered for months was gone – vanished, completely, never to return. Since then, I’ve never run a day without relying on Lee’s instruction: I focus on the form he taught me, and put as little as possible between my foot and the planet.”


Erwan Le Corre, Founder of MovNat

“As a world-renowned teacher of natural human movement efficiency, I am always blown away by Saxby’s in-depth expertise. While it probably took you years to build great levels of cardio endurance, under Lee’s guidance you will build HIGH level running skill in a matter of hours.

Looking for the Yoda of running?

He’s THE man.”


Dr.med. Uwe Koll,  Orthopedic Surgeon, Denmark

“As a knee surgeon specialized in treating sports related injuries, and being an active endurance athlete, I know that it is absolutely crucial to use your musculoskeletal system the way it was designed for. Any misuse will eventually lead to injury.

That’s why I build both, the non-operative treatment of injuries and the post-operative rehabilitation of my patients, on a recommendation to acquire the skill of barefoot movement and running.

As much as mastering an operative technique close to perfection in order to aim for the best possible result in treating my patients, it is just as important to do the same in conservative treatments – frequently neglected by us surgeons.

The 3-day coaching course and especially Lee’s profound understanding of “motion-pathology” gave me a better insight of the matter than numerous books I had studied. A very important aspect of learning from Lee was that I not only acquired the ability to coach skillful running but more importantly he taught me to recognize the unskillful movements that lead to injury prone running form. Furthermore Lee gives an excellent insight into the theoretical part of biomechanics and sets everything comprehensible into the context of evolutionary biology.

Being pure, structured and reproducible, his method leads to a significant improvement in the assessment of my patients. – And the imperative that only a correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment is as valid as ever.

This course should be mandatory to anyone treating sports injuries!”