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Learn about the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ problems that are affecting your running skill and how to apply the appropriate running drills needed to fix them.

The idea that running is a skill (which can be improved) is the foundation of the BTR coaching system. By adjusting the three fundamental ‘micro-skills’ of POSTURE, RHYTHM and RELAXATION we can dramatically influence the ‘macro-skill’ of running, creating a ‘better’ runner by improving the biomechanics associated with improved efficiency and reduced risk of injury.

Running Faster and Further – learn how to apply the forgotten science of elasticity and the lost art of the ‘recovery run’ to your training and begin to unlock your full potential for speed and endurance

Once the fundamentals of running technique have been mastered it is time to develop the runner’s physiological capacity for running faster and/or further.

Running faster requires running specific strength development ie training the neuromuscular system to cope with the increased forces and reduced contact times associated with increased running speeds. This type of strength training is based on developing the elasticity and reactive ability of the neuromuscular system and should be the foundation of all running specific strength programs.

Running further requires a specific approach to metabolic conditioning that is based on increasing the mitochondrial density of the running muscles and improving the function of the physiological systems that maintain the delivery of glucose and oxygen to the mitochondria during prolonged endurance running.

Running Pain Free – learn what causes the five most notoriously stubborn chronic running pains and how to prevent them and manage them if they occur.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is invariably caused by an ‘energy crisis’ in the neuromuscular system. An ‘energy crisis’ occurs when muscles become ‘over- worked’ due to poor technique and overtraining or when muscles become ‘under-energised’ due to a lack of recovery or inadequate nutrition. The most common manifestation of an energy crisis in runners is the formation of focal points of tenderness or ‘trigger points’ in the muscles most involved in the running action.

BTR workshops Dates/Locations:

UK & Ireland workshops:

  • September 3-4 in Ambleside, Cumbria
  • October 1-2 at Charterhouse Club, Surrey

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